Playful Days

  • October 29, 2014
  • By Zilmy Vazquez Blog

Once in a while is good to go to the carousel and play like a little kid. When I feel like connecting with my inner child, I take my kids with me to any place that we can act like kids without being judge (I will always be a kid at heart).  This time we went to the heart of the City in Caguas, Puerto Rico, to drink the best puertorrican Coffee in the area, it is called Cafe Palmer and you can find it in the Palmer Plaza and they don't drink coffee, I know, but they really enjoyed playing in the carousel and feeding the pigeons. 
My look for this beautiful day was inspired in the occasion, playing with the kids.  Flowers are a trend that is In for Fall Season, this beautiful flower pattern leggings from Charlotte Ruse. I decided to add this top dress from Forever 21, because it really looks good and is an easy outfit for being active with my kids. My hat, sunglasses all accessories are from Forever 21. My scarf is from Claire's stores a few seasons ago and my shoes are Toms from Journeys; when you buy a pair of this fabulous comfy tennis shoes, they make a donation to a child in need of a pair shoes. Buying fashion for good cause is an A+.  
Remember you don't have to spend a fortune to look good. Is all about having a good self-esteem and is better to have a savings account with money than expending all of what you got in fashion.
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A quién no le gusta debes en cuando actuar como niños? Debes en cuando cuando quiero sacar a pasear mi niñita interna, pues por qué no, sacar a pasear a mis chiquitos?  Esta vez nos fuimos al Carusel de la plaza en Caguas, Centro del Corazón Criollo. La pasamos super y nos deleitamos con un excellence café de Café Palmer, ubicado en la misma Plaza de Caguas. Excelente café de Puerto Rico, así que ya tienen otro lugar para ir a tomar café bueno y de aquí.  
Mi look es uno cómodo y apropiado para la ocasión. Los leggins son de Charlotte Russe, el top es un traje mini de Forever21, el scarf es las tiendas Claire's.  El gorrito, las gafas y los son de Forever 21.  Mis zapatos son Toms de las tiendas Journeys, lo bonito de esta marca de zapatos es que cuando haces tu compra ellos donan unos zapatos a un niño de escazos recursos. Así que es un gesto muy bonito, cuando compras algo y haces el bien.
Recuerden, que para estar bonitas y arregladas no tienen que gastar una fortuna, es mejor tener una cuenta de ahorros con dinero, que vivir la vida bien bellas y sin un centavo.

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