BCBG generation A Young Stylish Lifestyle

Trendy and cool bracelets.

 Long and Fresh Pastels Dresses.
Chic and Cutout dress.

This is me being silly, while I try some sunglasses, I really enjoyed my shopping experience with them.

I went to visit at a store in Plaza Las Americas Mall one of my Great Friends. She works at BCBG generation! I wasn't going to buy anything, but I ended up playing dress up and buying a lot of clothes, because they look young, colorful and they were not that expensive.
 For this Spring Season BCBG Generation is bringing you happy and beautiful pastels colors, swimsuits and pretty dresses to make a statement everywhere you go.  If you want to be trendy and Fashion Girl, you have to go to BCBG generation.

Or go and Visit a store near you, Customer service and the experience you will have is never compared to an online experience.

They also have Instagram: BCBGenerationpr. They daily post picture to keep you trendy, modern and young! 
As a trendy mom I really recommend BCBG clothes.                     

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